The Study Hack


Everyone has a story. Welcome to mine.


My name is Mit, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Toronto. I am originally from Ottawa, Ontario, and I moved to Toronto to pursue my undergraduate degree. On my free time, I like to pursue creative projects, one of which led me to start my custom light fixture company called deSigns by Mit. I have a keen interest in photography and filming, and I will often take part in media projects. Finally, I mentor and help students on improving their study habits, which is the reason for the creation of this blog.

The Study Hack was created for future and current post-secondary students in technical undergraduate degrees like Engineering and Computer Science. The articles I have written are tailored for those who are determined on becoming better students in their respective fields. My posts will explain my challenging academic experiences, and how I overcame these obstacles over the years to become a successful engineering student. I will also share how my new strategies can be applied in the real world, by giving examples of how I applied them to create my business. As you read my posts, I hope to give you new insights on how I went from a complete failure in my program, to a successful student and an entrepreneur.